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Current Weight: 250 lbs. (74.49% of the way done!)






Tips (Food, Exercise, etc.)

Lose Weight While You Sleep

About Alli - the FDA approved weight loss product

The Hawaiian Chair -- probably not an exercise product I'll buy soon

Caffeine Withdrawal -- Don't drink too many energy drinks!

Stress: 36 Ways to Reduce Stress

About Cardio -- take a lesson from Chuck Liddell's Iceman

Curb Those Cravings!

Keep Good Records, Save a Nun

How Many Veggies Should We Be Eating?

Strategies for Staying on Track Over the Weekend

Diet Soda? Stay away!

Calories, Portions and When/How Often to Eat

Making Small Changes Leads to Big Results

Eat 5 times per day? That's impossible with my schedule.

What to Do When You Don't Like Veggies

Veggies for Haters

Remember, your goal is greater than your struggle!



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CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING RELATED TO HEALTH AND FITNESS! I am under a doctor's care for my general health, and my workouts are overseen by a professional trainer. I consult with licensed dieticians about what I eat. I am blogging about my experience here in the hopes that it might inspire you to get healthy as well. However, you must realize that I am not a doctor. The views on this site are only my opinion or understandings about what I'm learning. In some cases, I'm just reporting about what I find from other sources. Therefore, before you do any type of exercise, change your diet or make other health related decisions, check with your doctor, trainer, dietician, nutritionist or other health professional.

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