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Trip to the National Corvette Museum

There are many people who have helped me on my journey to health and fitness. One person who has been greatly supportive is my friend and client Joseph Qualls from Kando Health and Wellness. Joseph knows that I like corvettes, so as a reward for reaching 100 lbs. lost, he took me to Bowling Green, KY to see the National Corvette Museum.

The trip was a blast! I've never seen so many corvettes. It's kind of funny. Back before I started eating right, about ever 6 months I'd get a craving for M&Ms. I'd go out and buy 1/2 or whole pound, go to the movies and eat the whole thing while I was watching the movie. I wouldn't want M&Ms for another 6 months after that. (Doing that now would just make me sick.) Well, on this trip, I saw so many corvettes that I don't know that I need to see more of them for awhile, but it sure was fun!

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Special thanks to the Keith Whitaker Band for the music! It is Secret Journeys off their CD The Longest Hundred Miles.


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