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Various Hikes with Friends

The photo gallery below has several of the hikes that I've been on. It has a few controls if you want to use them. Instructions are at the bottom of the page.

John Litton Farm Loop Trail (Big South Fork State Park, Tennessee)
The John Litton Farm Loop trail is rated easy to moderate and 5.9 miles round trip. It's downhill at the beginning and uphill at the end. Other than that, the majority is fairly flat with just a few ups and downs. We saw 5 cyclers on the trail, but I wouldn't necessarily advise it for the casual mountainbiker. There's a couple of ladders and some places where the trail is not hardly wide enough for a bike.

There were lots of mushrooms of various colors and the greenery was fantastic. There were lots of ferns, and since it rained the day before, we found runoff waterfalls that created great scenery. There are several caves and much of the trail follows a small stream which makes the walk very pleasant. A little over halfway (depending on which direction of the loop you take), you'll find the John Litton homestead. It's easy to imagine why he chose the location.

The only hard part was literally hard -- a rock. Near the beginning, there is a place where you have to walk under some low overhanging rock. I bent low, but didn't realize there right at the end of the rocks it got lower, or maybe the ground got higher or something. My head cracked into the rock which left a nice little knot and abrasion to accompany the rest of the day. That's ok though. The hike was a lot of fun.

Edge Path Trail (Norris Dam)
This was an easy hike that starts right at the parking area next to the dam. It has a couple of steep hills but the majority is just a gradual slope or flat. We saw lots of deer. It was a fun short hike that ended near the cabins.

Using the Photo Gallery

Let me first give a special thanks to the Keith Whitaker Band for the music! Behind the John Litton Farm Trail is Longest Hundres Miles (though this hike was only 5.9). The music with the Norris Dam hike is Milestones. Both tracks are from the CD The Longest Hundred Miles.

The gallery opens and shows you each photo album. Click the photo album to see the photos from that hike. If you place your mouse over the large photo, any comments I added will show up.

There are a few controls at the bottom right of the gallery that you might want to know about.

Pause / Start SlidewhowPause / Start Slideshow: This lets you stop the slideshow to go through it yourself (using the arrow images on either side of the thumbnails). Click the button again to start the slideshow.

Stop / Start the SoundStart / Stop Sound: This button starts and stops the background music and sounds.

View AlbumsView Albums: There are several hikes in this gallery and each one has its own photo album. Click this button to see the different albums.


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