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More Time In The Car Than On The Hike Club

This very informal club started with a great group of guys from our fitness center and is exclusive to absolutely anyone who wants to go on the hike. The photo gallery below has several of the hikes that I've been on. The photo gallery below has a few controls if you want to use them. Instructions are at the bottom of the page.

Leatherwood Ford Trail (Big South Fork State Park, Tennessee)
We took the Leatherwood Ford Trail up to the overlook (2.8 miles). We then hiked a 6 mile loop around and back to the overlook before coming back down to where we started. Be sure to check out the Blivut Holes!

Middle Prong Trail (Smoky Mountains National Park, near Cades Cove, Tennessee)
We only hiked 4.6 miles (2.3 up and back). It was a fairly easy hike, but the path isn't very smooth. It runs right beside a stream, and in the early morning it is cool and enjoyable. There's no way a picture can come close to experiencing it. Mike seemed to be working a little harder than the rest of us. He left the front pocket of his pack open, and (unknown to Mike) someone (who shall remain nameless) kept quietly dropping rocks in it. The whole hike was only 2 1/2 hours at an easy pace with stops required by Michael who gave us vocabularly lessons. Who knew that the word hirsute means hairy?


NOTE: If you don't see all of the hikes below, it might be because you have been to this page before and the picture file is saved in your cache. Close your browser, delete your temporary internet files, and come back to see the pictures.

Using the Photo Gallery

Let me first give a special thanks to the Keith Whitaker Band for the music! Behind the John Litton Farm Trail is Longest Hundres Miles (though this hike was only 5.9). The music with the Norris Dam hike is Milestones. Both tracks are from the CD The Longest Hundred Miles.

The gallery opens and shows you each photo album. Click the photo album to see the photos from that hike. If you place your mouse over the large photo, any comments I added will show up.

There are a few controls at the bottom right of the gallery that you might want to know about.

Pause / Start SlidewhowPause / Start Slideshow: This lets you stop the slideshow to go through it yourself (using the arrow images on either side of the thumbnails). Click the button again to start the slideshow.

Stop / Start the SoundStart / Stop Sound: This button starts and stops the background music and sounds.

View AlbumsView Albums: There are several hikes in this gallery and each one has its own photo album. Click this button to see the different albums.


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