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I've been overweight since I was eight years old. I started trying to lose weight three years ago to no avail. I attempted all kinds of tricks to try to motivate myself, but it never worked.

In April 2007, the fitness manager at my fitness center paired me up with Annie Goodwin, my trainer. In September of that year, Annie broke through all my excuses, and I got serious about losing weight. By January, I was more concerned with being fit than just losing weight. Getting fit includes more than just losing weight.

As of today, I've lost 136 pounds over the last year and two weeks. I still have 60-70 pounds to go, and it will take awhile longer. I'll get there!


From American Shaolin:
I do not fear the 10,000 kicks you have practiced once; I fear the one kick you have practiced 10,000 times.
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CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING RELATED TO HEALTH AND FITNESS! I am under a doctor's care for my general health, and my workouts are overseen by a professional trainer. I consult with licensed dieticians about what I eat. I am blogging about my experience here in the hopes that it might inspire you to get healthy as well. However, you must realize that I am not a doctor. The views on this site are only my opinion or understandings about what I'm learning. In some cases, I'm just reporting about what I find from other sources. Therefore, before you do any type of exercise, change your diet or make other health related decisions, check with your doctor, trainer, dietician, nutritionist or other health professional.

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