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Why Exercise When You Can Lose Weight Just By Dieting

A few weeks ago, my brother’s in-laws saw me for the first time in several months. They were amazed at how I looked. One of the questions she asked me ever so carefully and tactfully was, “How come you don’t have all the hanging skin under your chin?” Those are not her words. She was much more gracious in the way that she asked, but, essentially, that was what she was asking.

Not only am I happy to answer questions like that (since it gives me the opportunity to talk about the need we all have for exercise), but she’s family and family can ask those kinds of questions. “I exercise,” I replied.

This morning, I was talking to a lady at the fitness center. She looks very fit and has one of those personalities that makes you enjoy being around her. She asked me how much weight I’d lost. I told her and then commented that it’s been a little tough to get myself going again after taking time off to rest. “How much more do you have to go?” she asked.

“100 pounds,” I answered.

“No! You don’t have that much to lose.”

“I weigh 270 lbs.” She didn’t believe that either at first. In actuality, I still have a lot on my abs, my glutes and my legs. “It’s not too hard to hide fat,” I said.

I could see her brain working, the wheels clicking, and she then told me something very interesting. She weighs a pound more than her sister, but her sister has to wear clothes that are five sizes bigger than her. The difference is that she maintains her weight by exercising (and correct eating I assume) while her sister does it with just dieting. She was equating that concept to my situation in which she didn’t think I looked like I weigh 270 lbs. Because I exercise, I don't look nearly as heavy as I am.

It’s true that we can lose weight by dieting, but we have muscles for a reason. God made a built-in furnace in our body to consume energy. It uses our body’s energy to allow us to do all that we need to accomplish throughout the day. It’s why dieting works. When you "diet," you eat less calories than your muscles and other systems use, your body utilizes its own internal energy stores (fat, among other things) to burn in the furnace. The result is losing weight. However, what happens if you add a need for greater energy consumption by adding exercise? When you diet (reduce calorie intake) AND exercise (increase energy consumption) it adds a whole other dimension of health.

In my case, I haven’t dieted. I did have to learn how to eat correctly, but for me that meant learning to eat a normal amount of calories instead of 4000-5000 per day. It meant learning how to make healthy food choices and to plan for when I was going to choose foods that would have previously caused me to go way over a normal amount of calories.

Instead of dieting, I have exercised – a lot. Today, I did my strength training with Annie, then did 60 minutes of aerobics. I will finish tonight with 45 minutes of water aerobics and another 45 minutes H2O strength (an easy strength training class in the water). There are lots of benefits to exercise, but one significant one has been the way that I look. I don’t look like I weigh 270 lbs. I now have much better posture. I don’t have three chins!

If you are just dieting and not exercising, consider adding exercise to your daily routine. Make sure you check with your doctor about what kinds of exercise are right for you, but find a way to add it in. You may find that you will look even better than if you just lost weight!


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