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Lower Body Workout Series: Unilateral Training

How would you like to get fitness tips and suggestions from Kim Lyons nearly every day? She has great tips and ideas for easy exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime and they fit into everyday life. They are on her video blog at Fast Track where I'm a member.

I sent her a message on Fast Track and asked if I could feature her exercise videos here on my site. She said sure!

Here's what Kim had to say:

Today I want to show you a concept called Unilateral Training.

Unilateral training allows you to isolate the muscle you are working on and it stops your dominant side (your stronger side) from “stealing” the workout from your weaker side. This is a great way to focus specific movements on the weaker side of your body so BOTH sides of your body make consistent and balanced muscle and strength gains.

BUT, remember, these are advanced moves! So before you try these moves, be sure you’ve mastered the 2-legged lunges and squats I’ve shown you in my other blogs.

Today we’ll do three advanced unilateral exercise: a unilateral squat, a unilateral lunge and one other exercise that’s really good for balancing out both sides of your body for strength.

>Unilateral Lunge: Put one foot up on your exercise bench, sofa, coffee table, chair…whatever is stable and gets your back leg up. Take a hop forward, and then go straight up and down into the lunge. Your hips stay straight up and down – all the tips I shared for the regular lunge still apply!

>Unilateral Squat: Put your leg up sideways. Keep your hips nice and parallel – don’t turn your foot up with your hip flexor up because then it’ll throw off your alignment. Just like the regular squats, you have to sit back! With this one, I like to hold a weight because then I can come down as far as possible.

>This last is a great, challenging exercise: Lift one leg, then sit down and stand back up…only using one leg! Sounds easy, right? It’s not! My heart rate goes up immediately. When you get good at this one, you can hold a medicine ball as you go up and down.

That’s it for today. See you guys tomorrow!


Most Fit Tips from Kim are featured here on Mondays. Check back here each Monday for more exercise tips and ideas from Kim Lyons and Fast Track to Fat Loss.


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