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Exercise on the Go: Here's how to get a quick workout in when preparing meals in the kitchen!

How would you like to get fitness tips and suggestions from Kim Lyons nearly every day? She has great tips and ideas for easy exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime and they fit into everyday life. They are on her video blog at Fast Track where I'm a member.

I sent her a message on Fast Track and asked if I could feature her exercise videos here on my site. She said sure!

Here's what Kim had to say:

Today I’m in my kitchen making chicken soup for my sister. We all spend time in the kitchen cooking, so I thought I’d share my favorite “soup simmering, boiling water, waiting for the microwave” exercises that add up for big benefits over time.

Here are 4 different exercises for a great Kitchen Workout:

1. A standard incline pushup. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure you come up on your toes. That keeps your butt from sticking out! You want to create a tight plank with your body so your abs are nice and tight, shoulders are down, and your neck is relaxed. I show you a couple of variations that work great while the soup simmers!

2. Work your outer thigh. Point your toe in and down, and lift. If you’re doing this right, I show you exactly where you should feel it. With this exercise, be careful NOT to point your toe upward! This one you can do while boiling water, or popping something in the microwave.

3. Work your bootie with a glute lift. This is one of my all time favorites! The biggest mistake I see with this one is people throwing their leg back. It should be a small motion — think about squeezing your glute while you lift your leg.

4. Calf raise. You can do this any time anywhere while preparing food. This is a simple toe raise. A great option with this one is to pulse at the top. Then, when you get better at it, try doing it without holding on! That way you’ll be tightening your core at the same time.

That’s it! You know me, if there’s a way to work exercise into your day, I’ll find it.

See you tomorrow!


Most Fit Tips from Kim are featured here on Mondays. Check back here each Monday for more exercise tips and ideas from Kim Lyons and Fast Track to Fat Loss.


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