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The Right Way to Stretch

How would you like to get fitness tips and suggestions from Kim Lyons nearly every day? She has great tips and ideas for easy exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime and they fit into everyday life. They are on her video blog at Fast Track where I'm a member.

I sent her a message on Fast Track and asked if I could feature her exercise videos here on my site. She said sure!

Here's what Kim had to say:

You always want to be warm when you stretch.

Think of taffy. If you put taffy in the refrigerator and try and pull it, it will snap because it’s cold. Warming it up a little makes it flexible. Your muscles are no different! You need that blood flow in your muscles or they can tear and break. All you really need to do is march in place for 5-10 minutes, or do some jumping jacks, or jog in place – anything that gets your blood pumping.

All warmed up? I’m going to show you standing and seated stretches but don’t worry if you’re not comfortable on the floor, you can do all these stretches standing up!

STANDING STRETCHES: Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to 1 minute

>Stretch your quad: Grab your foot behind you, align your knees, and push your hip flexor forward. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Then move into...

>Hamstring stretch: There are a different billion ways to stretch your hamstrings, but I prefer using gravity. Fold your elbows, keep your back nice and straight, and lean over into it. Take a nice deep breath and as you exhale, lean over farther into the stretch. Keep your legs straight but not locked. Don’t let your back hunch over…keep your posture good! Then move into…

>Inner thigh stretch: Stand wide with your feet pointed outward. Push out your knees with your hands. All my weight is supported on my hands on my knees. This one looks weird, but it’s a great stretch! Then move into…

>Glute and outer thigh stretch: Place your ankle on your knee and go into a seated chair position and hold. It’s OK to hold onto a chair for balance!

You’ll notice for all these stretches my back was nice and straight. Keep your posture proper!

SEATED STRETCHES: Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to 1 minute

>Stretch your quad: For this you’re on your stomach, face down on the floor. Bring your heel to your glutes, reach back and grab your ankle and gently pull it in to your glutes. Be careful to keep your hip flexor pushed into the mat. Then move into…

>Inner thigh stretch: I know you recognize this stretch! This is the butterfly, but I see so many people doing this wrong by hunching their backs. Your back should be nice and straight! You can still get a great stretch if you take your hands and put them behind you. Then move into…

>Hamstring stretch: Move into the pike position and keep your legs straight, but don’t lock your knees. Just lean into, take a nice deep breath, and lean even deeper into it. Then move into…

>Glute and outer thigh stretch: Fold your ankle on top of your knee, reach through the center and pull into your chest.

So, there you have it! These are my favorites and I recommend you try them all. It’s really essential to get a good stretch if you’re working your legs. I’ve thrown a lot of leg exercises your way and if you’ve been trying them, you probably have sore legs.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow! I have an easy day tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to a relaxing day:)


P.S. Here’s my insider secret on stretching and how to naturally get a good night’s sleep: I really enjoy going on a long walk at night, then coming home and stretching before I go to bed. It really relaxes your body and makes for a better night’s sleep.

Most Fit Tips from Kim are featured here on Mondays. Check back here each Monday for more exercise tips and ideas from Kim Lyons and Fast Track to Fat Loss.


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